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Western 2017

A group of construction workers in Germany have hard work in a remote area in a Bulgarian village begins. Abroad strengthens the sense of adventure of men, but they also face .
Sherlock Gnomes Rmn 2018 DVDRip full movie download torrent

See a full list of German builders Group has a tough job in a remote area in the Bulgarian beginscountryside. Abroad strengthens the sense of adventure of men, but they also have their own prejudices and mistrust due to language and cultural barriers. yakipavelichenne quickly set for a showdown, when people began to fight for the recognition and support of local residents.


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Guardians Of The Tomb 2018

The team of security guards « Tomba » made the opening of the century, which included a well-preserved mummified emperor from 200 BC. to China. However, this also leads to a nightmare of 2000 years. They lose their colleagues in the ancient labyrinth and are now fighting for their lives when they fight the swarm ofnetworked spiders that also become human. Then they reveal the secret behind the unusual intelligence and the power of the spiders.

Language: English

Translations: Malay / Chinese


General information Date of publishing: 01.01. 2018

Genre: action / adventure

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Distributor:TGV Pictures

Cast: Lee Binbin, Kelan Lutz, Grammer, Shane Jacobson, Wu Chun

Directed by: Kimble Randall

Format: 2D

The show will be at 12:31 on January 31 in 69 cinemas


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Forever My Girl 2018

My Eternal Girl tells the history of the Super League of Liam Page (Alex Roe), who leaves his bride to Josie (Jessica Rota) for God’s chosen reputation and wealth. However, Liam never defeated Josie, his true love and never forgot his roots in a small community,where he was born and raised. When Liam returned to his hometown to pick up a high school student, Liam was confronted with the consequences of everything he had left.

After the loss, when the midwife returns home with his love.


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